Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day :-)

Dear ******,

I really can't believe how happy I am to recieve this card full of "hugs" from you and what you wrote in there about how you'd like to send many hugs from ***** :-)

Anyway, how are you doing *****? It's been ages since I heard from you. How is life with you? I so want to talk to you right now but I don't even know how to reach you and where you are at the moment. Life takes so many turns at times but sometimes it makes people very distant for no particular reason. Well I believe it is all fate (well not entirely), we all come in this universe with our fate written up there somewhere in gods' files or probably computers these days or something similar.

Anyway, i am very happy today and am playing the silly music of your **** while I am writing to you. May St. Valentine brings looots of love and happiness for you during this year.

Lots of love and thinkiing about you .... ..... :-) *hugz*

Always Yours

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