Saturday, September 16, 2006

234 years!

I am not going to get into the crap of apologizing for not updating this blog and not writing anything over here in past 234 years. Yeah, when you count it correctly it has been exactly that many years.
Anyway, its not like I didn’t have anything to write or didn’t have any time to write, it is just that “I didn’t write”
I have been busy lately. First parents visited me (as most of you have even met them), so I have been busy with them, then I went to Argentina, then to the UK and then to make this year as one of my International traveling year, I visited India. And oh my!, that Indian trip was after 8 long years.
Basically doing all this along with being with YOU GUYS and .. he he he never mind (remember the rules? ) kept me very busy.
Aight, I did write a journal about Argentina, which I might post it here (summary), There is not much to write about my UK experience and there is NOTHING I am going to write about the Hindu Land.
Already then, that is it for now, mebbe I will peek in here soon and do my "jibber jabber" :-)

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