Tuesday, April 05, 2005


"iPod shuffle"; yeah, what an invention! It's like, we have never heard of anything like this before. No media player/real player/any other player was able to perform this shuffling function before. Give me a break!

It’s amazing how an intelligent company can come up with the dumb ideas. (well, in this case it’s brilliant because public bought the idea, which isn’t even original” … humans! what can we say!)

I remember having a CD walkman with the shuffle feature about 10 years ago. But God, seriously, this hyped up item is proving the insanity of my race (human race? :-P ).

The way this item is being advertised on TV commercials, makes me laugh, and I didn’t hear anyone, literally anyone, saying that this is not a new concept.

But oh well, I also got this item, NOT because I was swayed away by the advertisements or anything, only because it is a very sleek item and can hold about 250 of my favorite songs and with this WONDERFUL shuffling feature :-D

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