Thursday, April 21, 2005

I have so many things to write about. A lot has happened since I wrote in here, but the reason there was no blog entry from me was that I didn’t have time.
Usually to write here, I get plenty of time and I look for something interesting which has happened so that I can write about it. But lately that hasn’t been the case. I have been so busy recently I was hardly home and it made me impossible to have a few moments of peace so that I can sit relax and write my blog:

I would hate to not mention about my last few action-packed weeks, but then it would require a lot of time on my behalf to write, which I refuse to do so. So I am doing a little briefing.

Fighting with your friends about who should pay and who shouldn’t is kindda a normal thing, but have you ever imagined fighting with a lady double of your size because she refused to take money from you and instead took the money from your friend .. LOL yah that would be one and only oglie booglie “olga” .. (I am so going to tell about this event in detail, but not today. It happened on some rest area when we were coming back from Woodbury Commons)
“Fountain day” – This was the 6th fountain day in a row which I attended at SUNY, and this year I was not even supposed to, but I did anyway. It felt great to jump into the water like good old days, with my girls and guys of course :-P - (pictures to be followed)

Oh! And think about this -- ring ring -- ring ring – liz calling – ring ring – you pick up the phone and say HELLO, and u hear the “sobbing” and then “hi hunniieeeee, *sobbing* I cut my fingure and I lost my job” --- you'd say WHAT? .. more sobbing and then again, just like that old record .. “Sukrit, I cut my finger and I was bleeding, and there were people in the line and I still tried to help *SOB* and they fired me” and at that stage sobbing turned into crying … HAHAHA ooops, sorry, I think that was kindda funny … yah I would have written more but time constraint and ya know, to respect liz’s privacy and other crap I am ending it up right here :=P

Aight other “very short briefings”
- Visited Aunt, and honestly had great time :-P .. she was.. umm amazingly different.
- Making the Shmuck come over and go shopping with the gang
- Making all the non-hindi speakers listen to so called “Hindi-Crap” (in their words)
- Casino with the gang, actually I should say with the MEN, cuz she refuses to be called a girl … YAH, go figure who that would be.
- Taking pictures of “them & us” while .. ummm, I shouldn’t say, HAHAHA (well, I will post them here and you can see by yourselves .. so pics to be followed, I think!)
- Sleepovers, haha
- Bars, bars, bars and more bars.
- Getting drunk outside and inside the bars
- Getting MORE drunk, and losing the way back home, HAHAHA, yeah, for the first time in my life.
- Got high again, umm, yep, don’t ask where and when and with whom.
- OH AND other stuff .. LOLOL .. umm yah not mentioning cuz you know the rules :-P

So yeah, when I m bored at home in near future, I am going to put a little more light on these events (again, no promises) .. ..

I am Going to THE City tomorrow, wohoooo, will report back after I come back, untill then, "Jai Ram Ji Ki"

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