Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Hello everyone, I'm sorry *not* I've not written much, actually make it “haven’t written at all” recently but I've been appallingly busy with several things. There are quite a lot of you reading this now and I do appreciate the comments and emails I receive off readers, so please bear with me if I seem to disappear from time to time.

And the not so good thing is, I still have nothing to write or say except that I have been really busy. Now, most of you would be wondering about this and must be thinking, what the heck is this dude’s problem, who doesn’t work a minute over his 35 hours a week schedule. How could he be busy. But honestly, trust me, I am.

Alright, the ones who are convinced about me being busy would say, alright, busy doing what? … HAH.Good question, is all I can say.

This is summer, and summer in New York is very short lived. Oh! and it comes once a year for a few months , so I try to live each and every moment of it, and that is what I have been doing, spending time with the people I love, walking, running, sitting admiring nature, feeding ducks (haven’t done it so far this summer), talk to fishes (yah we do that, me and a few of us), sleep with my windows open, whoring slutting as usual and so on.

I have been waiting for this summer for a long time, as in the last summer, I couldn’t do much for so many reasons. Although I did a whole bunch of stuff, but this year I am planning on doing 10 times more than I usually do. Therefore, if my postings are not on regular intervals, please forgive me. (the bona fide version of me would say, “deal with it”)

There, is one more reason, I haven’t been writing much lately. As time goes on, I am being more and more lucid about what to write and what not to write. And what I do and why I do. It’s a fact I don’t like to talk about my personal life, well not just with anyone, let leave it to the whole wide world. That’s because I believe, it’s “personal” for a reason.

Sorry, not trying to be coy here, just being honest. So, that leaves a lot of stuff out, and lately whatever I have been doing, I consider it as personal. I think.

But, I definitely need to redefine the word “personal”. I need to redefine personal for real, beacuse with this speed; soon I won’t have anything to write up here. That means, everything is gonna end up in my secret diary which would be made public after a few hundred years as I do intend to live a looong looong life :-)

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