Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Where we are?

As humans, we have certain responsibilities on this planet. We are one of the most advance and intelligent race, which also give us the title of super race on this planet. If we all work towards the development of mankind, without getting involved in religious frenzy, there is a lot more which can be achieved.

People should not get involved with non-sense issues. Instead they should utilize that time in developing new methods, techniques etc. to help the mankind.

Any kind of fundamentalism should be outlawed. The punishments should be more severe, kids should be in better hands rather than in the hands of irresponsible parents. Education should rely on science and historical facts rather than fiction and fictional philosophies. ( … and on and on …I will add on to this when I have more time :-P)
…… Something like this I am going to say once I get elected in the office as the Governor of NY :-)

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