Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My thoughts!

My thoughts have wings; they have been breaking all the records of speed lately. Not just of fastest bird or even fastest airplanes, those mighty concords and space crafts would have been biting dust and bowing in front of me after seeing the extent of my thoughts.

I have been thinking like a typical teenager lately, which is pretty sad for a person who has reached almost the peak of his adult years. There are moments I am completely lost and am in vacuum and at next moment I am finding my way out of the Tasmanian jungle and showing up in Sydney Opera house. Recently, I am also finding that everything which surrounds me, gives me both gratification and melancholy at times. I wonder why though. It does not make any sense but it is true.

Lately my mind has been going through a lot of things. I would think, there would be excitement over finishing the MBA. But no, there is none. The only feeling I am having lately about it, is “good riddance, it’s almost over”. I don’t even want to go to my graduation ceremony, even after constant emotional blackmailing by the director of program who I adore. I honestly don’t see any point of going to a commencement when I have no feelings about it. Besides I have achieved this feet 4 years ago anyway.

The school is not even over yet and I am already planning my next endeavors. The number 1 in the list is getting a Pilot license and I might very well start taking flying lessons as early as in July itself.

Other thought I am having is letting go the love for Albany. I think I need to do that and I am sincerely considering that decision for some major city. I need to see the world and Albany is certainly not it. I know I have emotional ties with this little city, but think about this. After I get the pilot license I can fly my own plane to Albany to meet my near and dear ones whenever I want to :--)

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