Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wine & I

After one bottle of wine in between my brother and me, I decided that calling-in sick at work next morning sounded like a good idea. I don’t think I had enough cognitive power to actually have a reason for this decision. I was only following some bizarre instinct which was going to go away in the morning anyway. But I decided to cherish the moment by mere thinking that I am staying home next day and will enjoy the beautiful weather and perhaps go biking or hiking or both. I was in the stage where calling in sick at work for absolutely no reason and seeing absolutely no irony in it.

It gets better. Once my alarm clock went off at 8 am I felt a little unstable, but mostly fantastic. Now it would have been smart of me if I had turned off the alarm at night when I planned this calling in sick quest. I would have been definitely under the influence because I laughed at my stupidity of even thinking about calling in at that time. Last thing I wanted to do was to not go to work and sit at home like a bum or go biking or whatever which I can always do after work.

Once in the shower, I felt more stable and began to feel as though I was cleansing myself of all those alcoholic toxins from previous night. All the thoughts from previous night came back to me, where I was going to go to Manchester Vermont with my brother and do shopping and sight seeing on this gorgeous day. I also felt bad because now he might feel that I cheated him by deciding to go to work instead. Moral dilemma, eh? Well I decided in favor of taking my sober self to work.

All of this was caused by consuming a few drops of wine …. Alcohol clouds your judgment, so take a lesson from it and quit drinking. Sooner you do it better off you would be. On that note, I am off to make myself productive and that means getting some coffee and a bagel.

This is the pride month people, so HAPPY PRIDE :-)

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Pritish R. Jhingan said...

I also hold the same love-hate relationship with alcohol. I love it when I drink it and hate it when I have a hangover. But one thing is for sure I have more capacity than what you have. :-)