Friday, May 25, 2007

Another bigot goes to hell!

Since this bastard-son of Satan-curse on society, Jerry Falwell died I have been tempted to write about him but was ignoring it for the reason that there is no place for piece of shit morons like him in my blog or in my life. But the reality is that wicked man has a huge following among the people in this country’s ultra conservative, narrow minded bigots. So to tell those people how much I loathe this bastard I decided to devote a few minutes of my life and to tell the world about how much harm he has done to not only American society but to the entire sane world.

Yes Jerry Falwell goes to hell, and all his followers are in line to get there when their time comes, so watch out bigots. You still have some time left to add some karma brownie points which might save you that trip to hell but if you don’t act fast, you know you will be right where this bigot Fallwell is. And trust me; hell isn’t where you will get chocolates or blowjobs, so get your acts together if you are interesting in getting either of these two heavenly chattels. Of course, what? Did you think hell would be all chocolate and blowjobs? That’s heaven!

“Why it is so hot in here” Jerry Fallwell asks the man guarding the fiery red iron rods. The guard replies, it’s nothing you moron, just wait till your flesh starts burning and vultures attack you for the roasted white meat of yours. Falwell all scared looked at the guard and asked the obvious question, where I am? You are in hell mister and now don’t bother me there are a few followers of some other shit faced man like you, aka Osama bin laden in the queue. I have to bring them in so they can fight their jihad here in hell and eat your flesh in the name of their most peaceful and most merciful God. *cough*

Eat my flesh? Where in hell am I?” asks Falwell. The guard replies, right now you are in level 1 for processing and documentation, but we will be shipping you off to Level Nine, the highest level of hell, before you can say “God Hates Fags”

With Falwell finally dead the world is a less hateful place.

And hell? I’m sure they are all too happy to welcome him into the fold. AMEN!!


:):) said...

sweetu...shanti...don be so doesnt look good on you....:)


Sukrit said...

Nah, I am not in any "gussa" or any such thing anymore .. was just angry and now am surprised to see so much bigotry all around.

Anonymous said...

i share your sentiments shalley...he shld be fucked even in hell