Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Its my life!

I love my life. I love the people I have in my life. I love the fact that I am a free spirit and don’t let anyone bother me by and large. I usually am considerate for others but “I” come first and then anyone else in my life. Even Gods become secondary when it comes to my peace of mind. This is the philosophy of my life.

Now, again no one should tell others what to do, what to wear what to eat and what to anything. I believe no one can understand others completely, so why lecture them? There are a lot of things about me which people do not like, but isn’t that what makes who I am? So telling me to do certain things or not to do certain thing wouldn’t be like telling me to change myself? If you can’t accept me for being me, why do you have me in your life? Well at least that is how I live and plan on living rest of my life.

Being said that and on a little lighter note, last week I told my dad that I am soon going to get my sperms frozen and will be able make my own babies at some point of my life, because one day he does want me to have my own biological kid. Even though I told him that there are many under privileged kids out there waiting to be adopted, but he still think one should at least try to have his own child. He also inquired about how this whole process works and later he suggested me to think twice before I do any such thing and he even wanted to know where I would do it, in India or in the US!


Anonymous said...

your dad sounds pretty cool.

Sukrit said...

He got that from mighty moi :-P