Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh-oh Mother's day!

So Sunday was Mother's Day. With all the hype around me and what not, I am ashamed to admit that I received happy mum’s day emails, phone calls and what not from my lovely & wonderful friends. I did call my mother on Friday and wished her and got angry cuz in return I got a lecture --- ahhh mothers!

I had an amazing tulip fest weekend and I think that time flew by so fast and its like whoa .. (It always does when you are stoned).

I was stumped when my aunt summoned me at her home, well more like she posed that question to me because it was already 3pm on Mother's Day, for goodness sake! I couldn't even think straight at that time because of “some non so obvious” reasons and there was no way I was gonna drive for 3 hrs to get to her place.However, my aunt is an ultra impractical woman and she loves nothing better than the word “nothing” itself. She does claim to love me a lot, which might very well be true but I am not convinced. Of course, I am not faulting her one bit. In fact, she always makes things easier for everyone by making things so difficult that others don’t even have to bother to even attempt to concede to her ( I know too many toooos here).

Well, Happy mothers day everyone :-)


Pritish R. Jhingan said...

Dont blame my aunt for all ur faults.......

Sukrit said...

She is my aunt first, so hush :-P