Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday dinner gang!

How many Mexicans it takes to clean a toilet? The answer is “none”, because it’s a (N-word)’s job. Jeesh, my friends can be harsh at times and that was the first thing Mike uttered when I arrived for our Sunday dinner gathering at Tom’s. Honestly instead of saying “hi Sukrit” or greeting me in some traditional manner he chose that. Someone please remind me and tell me why I luv my friends.

Later everyone was surprised that I have never seen the movie “Bird Cage” before. I tried to get away by using my favorite phrase “I am an Indian” which I use at the time like this but it didn’t work. No one gave Larry hard time over this as he hasn’t seen the movie either. Again that proves that I am the punching bag, no matter where I am.
Although Steve did mention once that he can’t believe both of us hasn’t seen this movie as this is a classic which was released in 1996.

When Tom was making dinner, Jeff was lying down on the couch as he was tired because it was Sunday. Yup go figure. So yeah he was lying down while we were chit chatting, and tom was busy in the kitchen preparing food. Tom showed up with a bag, in his hand which was a bag of Fish food. He went straight to Jeff who was semi asleep on couch and asked him to try some of the special snacks. Jeff swallowed it and later was told what he just put in his mouth. I am surprised he didn’t throw up or anything and he swallowed it with such a grace even Tom was surprised. When I smelled that bag later, boi-o-boi it was stinker. Maybe Jeff should start eating fish food as he didn’t dislike the taste of it. Food for thought; I should get him fish food next time I go to his place.


Pritish R. Jhingan said...

So u have got a promotion.....earlier u were punching bag of only the u r a international player......keep it

Sukrit said...

being an international player comes wid a cost too baba ... now i hafta be more ishtrong and thick skinned to handle all the ghoosa and mukkas :-D

Ms.Smarty Pants said...

Cannot believe a guy like you is friend with such racists!