Thursday, May 24, 2007


I woke up this morning and thought, “that was a weird dream” – A dream where a friend called in the middle of night and woke me up and I can still feel it. While I was in the bathroom showering, it started to hit me, no it was not a dream; I think that sucker really called and woke me up. I couldn’t wait to get out of the shower and check the incoming calls because I was still not 100% sure if it was mere a dream or he really called. Until the time I finished my shower, I was certain that it wasn’t a dream, because I remember promising to call him back in the morning if he lets me go back to sleep.

Anyway, once in a while it happens to me when I mix up my dreams with reality and vice versa. It is scary and I think there are a few things I am still confused about from my past if they were dreams or reality.

(I am ending this post again as a Hollywood movie style, where you think, the story is still going on and next thing you notice is the casting)


Pritish R. Jhingan said...

Bhai phir kaya huya.....tu to kill bill banane me laaga hai pura paisa do or aadi picture dheekho.....:x

Sukrit said...

ok mere payare bachey, I will post a confusion part 2 .. kill bill ishtyle just for u :-)

Your sweetheart :) you know who typed this....:) said...

dont be confused yet!! the reality is the so called "real" is made up of the same stuff what your "dream" is made of...

Once a Zen monk woke up and started crying....his disciples asked come master you are crying?? what happened??

The monk said..." Ohh no..yesterday night i had a dream that i was a huge big beautiful butterfly.."

The disciples said.." Oh Ok..but why are you crying? "

The monk said.." Well i dont know if I am the Zen monk dreaming about a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming about a monk"

this is a fact....ponder on will see more dimensions of life!!

the incidents teach u.... u r sweet that you were aware...have this curiosity and awareness...take it to next level! explode !