Friday, July 06, 2007

Poll: 77% of Republicans Support ENDA

This morning I was reading and I almost spilled coffee in shock when I read that 77% of Evil-icans (Republicans) support ENDA. My first instinct was, it must be a typo or some prank someone is playing on their website or I typed in something else instead of logcabin and this is some other website. But nope, it was indeed
I actually believe these log cabin republicans are foolish and they are fighting a battle from a wrong platform. (Sorry Jeremy, I still believe you are on the wrong side). But again the published fact of 77% of republicans supporting ENDA is not digestible. And some other results of this poll are very tacky as well. For an example, 43% of republicans support gay marriage or civil unions? Umm hello??? Since when???? Anybody buying this?

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