Monday, July 23, 2007

I dunno what title to give this post!

Here it is, I know I know, but I am not offering any apology for not being able to update the blog and about my life. You know, there is more to my life than just filling this blog with my life saga, especially in summer. I mean, seriously I have better things to do and although writing about my so called colorful life is also my passion but it is not my priority.

Let me start this with some rants. Today I am going to tell you about Des Raj, yeah my dad! I always thought he loves me more than anything, but now I very much doubt that.

I think all parents love to see their kids. Especially, if their kids live far away from them, I would say there can’t be even any exception to this, but that would be a lie. My dad! Yes my dad is an exception. When I finalized my dates actually even booked the tickets for India and took a month off from work and mind you that too after emotionally blackmailing and throwing some tantrums at my superiors and bosses and gods know what I had to do to get this much time off ...

So there I was sounding all excited and telling him that I m coming in few weeks, actually August 11th and he dropped a bombshell, he said ‘WHY” , yeah he said “Why”. A why?

I: Why? What do you mean by why, you knew I was coming, right?
Dad: Yes that I know, but what are you going to do over here, its too hot over here ( umm he is forgetting I was born there and lived my first 20+ years of my life over there), and you are going to be miserable like last time besides your mother and I are going to be very busy for the annual “paath” and there is construction going on in Panipat temple so we have been living here for past many months and we know you won’t live in Panipat.

Panipat? Hell no .. I mean its good to be there for a couple days, actually for a few hours to be honest, but for an entire month, not gonna happen. I asked, what is happening in Delhi, can’t you guys just stay in the house for a month (apart from those 7 days of "srimad bhagwatam paath") at least when I am there?
Dad: We can go there if u insist, but I can’t halt the temple construction in Panipat, so you can have your mother living with you in Delhi and I will commute or something ... I was like wtf. – (There is more to what he said, which I am censoring for now – something like my mother suggested, that I can get a hotel room over there ..... I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE IN A HOTEL IN MY OWN COUNTRY)

I: DAD, grrrrrr, I need time off from all this, and I told you that .... Besides I would love to be there during “Paath” time, meet everyone at one place and relax and chill and forget about all the madness of NY – and honestly, I really need to get away from everything, because for the first time in my life, I am feeling like, I have had enough of mayhem and madness and the last two years of my life were the busiest years of my life, I mean hectic than the word hectic itself .... I honestly want to go to India, and do nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. I just wanna lay down next to mother and talk about stuff like good old days and meet my childhood friends and maybe play cricket with the kids who are not kids anymore and just be carefree.

Like telling me to not to come was just not enough., he added, actually lectured me ....

“If you really want to take time off then, why you want to waste all your vacation by coming here anyway?” Furthermore he suggested, I should go to England or even better, on a Europe Tour as I was planning earlier and enjoy because that would free my mind or go to Brazil or even Argentina again and enjoy. He even suggested that I should be exploring United States and ENJOYING MY LIFE here rather than coming to India.

So basically, my dad told me there is no need for me to come to India as they don’t care about me and don’t wanna see their own son! ... Its been 4-5 days I haven’t even called India cuz I don’t wanna talk to them and get more madder. I honestly am very upset, very mad and very angry – and getting over it too, as “THEY” say time heals everything !!!!!


Pritish R. Jhingan said...

Bhai, you can stay with us anytime you like:)

MadPriest said...

I fear you are right. But it is not beyond reasonable speculation to offer the alternative that he loves you greatly and truly thinks you will be bored at home and that you should be enjoying yourself and learning about different cultures. Unfortunately, a third option is that there is something very bad going down at home (illness, family argument) and he would rather tell you a lie that will damage himself than subject you to the pain of the truth. To be so far from home brings so many worries.

Ms.Smarty Pants said...

I am telling u Sukrit Singhji, people get used to you not being around,their lives go on and you no longer have a place in their daily lives. Except for the occasional phone calls, your presence is not felt. You are missed initially, a lot, but slowly forgotten with time. I am telling you this from my own experience. Sure it hurts. I get mad too.