Saturday, August 04, 2007

Whats going on!

Alright, here is the update – I have been busy with life, actually very busy. After I come home from work, I usually go to dinner with friends, coworkers, ex coworkers and at times with brother and sometimes I just cook at home (with help). I have been biking, swimming*, running and enjoying the summer. When I come back home at night (which I usually do, cuz I hate to sleep on someone else’s bed… no matter who that someone is .. but, weekends are exceptions, cuz around sleepy time, I usually am too drunk or too tired or too far or too (INCERT UR THOUGHTS HERE) to realize my hatred for “not my bed”). So, yeah I was saying after I come back home, I am too tired to even think str8 and am never home when I am in the position of thinking str8.. so I just listen to something soothing and fall asleep.

On weekends, again I am never home. I am either at my nearby major cities or at friends or just wandering around at lakes, outlets, hiking or what not (doing everything else) to keep myself happy and fulfilled.

One great thing, which has happened to me recently, is worth mentioning, lately, after years I am sleeping for 8-10 hours a day. This is a SWEET SWEET surprise. I usually get up around 8, no matter what, but now at times I have seen myself getting up around noon, which is a shocker, and I am not complaining, actually loving it.

For the first time in life, it feels like there are not enough hours in a day. I have been eating healthy, trying to stay tension free and also looking at different jobs opportunities. Basically I am exploring myself with what I really want, not just professionally but also from life.

For my blog, its not, that I have nothing to say these days, its just I need a little more time to gather my thoughts and put them down over here or in my black book :-) .... btw I was again in Montreal this weekend and this was by far the best montreal trip ever .. I will see if i can post something about it later today or something ... :-)

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