Thursday, December 02, 2004

Birth Day!

December 2nd, the birthday of the mighty king, and that would be me.

Let me answer the question of many of you guys about my age. How old I am ? Well as I always said I am gonna be 27 for the rest of my life and will not compromise on it.

So, on December 1st 2004, i was "27". How old I am on Dec 2nd 2004? Well, I can't say I am still 27. But I still refuse to add year/s in my age which would always be "27". So, I have come up with this idea which is gonna make all of you and above all the mighty me HAPPY.

Today, I turned 27 (version 3.1), how about that?. Next year I will again be 27 but with a new version, probably L1 or XP or something.

Phewwww, so that solved it, i guess!!!

Alright chaps, enjoy and HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO ME AGAIN! :-)

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