Thursday, January 13, 2005

2005 - A New Year - Under the Tuscan Sun

If you are happy and you klnow it CLAP YOUR HANDS :-)

Yah, I am happy and I know it so, CLAP CLAP :-)

The year 2005 a new year, and is being approached by me with a different attitude. (Don't worry, I am not changing myself, not even a bit). I did make ONE resolution, yup just one. Yah, I do not need to make all those mountainous resolutions and then start breaking them from day 1. So, yeah, I made sure that doesn’t happen and it is not happening. (pat pat to myself).

I Watched “Under the Tuscan Sun” last night. *Highly recommend it* Altho, I think Diane Lane was totally insane and I DO NOT recommend anyone to do what she did in the movie. I SWEAR, THIS KINDDA stuff looks good only in movies so I am warning you in advance to NOT to follow what she did. Otherwise AN AWESOME movie :-). A must watch for all the movies fans. Yah, thas how I critique a movie. ANY PROBLEM?

Happy Lohri everyone :-)

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