Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Yanni Saga!

Last night’s concert wasn’t really bad but I don’t think I liked it that much to attend it ever again. I think I would rather do something else like skiing, snow boarding, swimming, flying, having sex (off the records) … or summtinnnn along these lines :-P

Gawd, Yanni was the ugliest fag/non-fag (I dunno) I have ever seen, who is in a DIRE need for a makeover. He was wearing an ugly ass sweater (I bet it was his grand-mother’s) with a shapeless pair of trousers (definitely from Salvation Army). I have nothing against the long hair, actually I like long hair on the right person .. but honestly, it sucked on Yanni. Oh and do not start me on moustache. EWWWWWW. That little thing above his lips gotta goooooo.

Besides, what the hell was he doing the entire time? Since when moving ones hands in the air and jumping like monkey has been considered as a performance. Ughhh! Oh and yah I know he composed the music but STILL!

Drummers are the heart of any concert but here it wasn’t the case. They were like some very average performers. Again, they were not really bad but were okay and by no means can I say that they have thrilled me there or anything.

So, this entire Yanni Saga sucked!
Overall I give “3.5 outta 10” to YANNI and company!

I will wait and see how my gang ranked these suckers and then I’ll post it here, until then JAI RAM JI KI.

(P.S. I am listening to Yanni’s music at the moment)

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Anonymous said...

Yanni sucks big time, why did you go to that retarded concert anyway? .. Hmmm OFF THE RECORD?