Monday, January 31, 2005

Ranting n Ravings!

Did anyone ever wonder why we get bored? Well, I am wondering at the moment. This boredom can be very annoying at moments. I take it that all of you know right now that I am bored. Actually not just bored, but I am bored my A** out. I am annoyingly bored or I can say I am super-annoyingly bored right now.

This uneventful weekend of mine made me think one more time about my stupid decision to stay in this no-man’s land. But again, given the circumstances, I didn’t have much choice. And now, I cannot wait to move out from here which would be sometime during the summer.

During this weekend, I was listening and watching to all the news channels and their immense coverage on Iraqis elections. It was like; all these news channels were treating Iraq as USA’s 51st state. (Until now I believed that Canada was US’s 51st state ) It seemed pointless to me to cover the elections in Iraq like the media has covered USA’s presidential elections.

Why would we care what is happening in there? I know (Bush) has sent our armed forces there and yeah the nation somewhat has right to know what is happening in the Iraq. But, come on., this on and on coverage about what would happen if this person/party wins and how the shit is gonna change there in the given circumstances and blah blah. WHO CARES! No matter who gets elected there, it is still going to be the same. Let me just say this, it’s another Afghanistan in making! A puppet premier of Iraq who isn’t liked by anyone in his own country and would be seen as a pro west (anti-islam).

I watched “Page 3” yah some Hindi movie, which I didn’t, really disliked but I don’t know if I would recommend it. It was a different movie so I don’t know what to say, so yeah watch it if u want to, it is not a total crap.

So, yeah that is it for now, I will keep you guys posted about my Gym trainer session and how it goes and when I will be ready to have my very own flat n solid tummy and indeed the much awaited six packs.

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