Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tuesday & Wednesday

How many times it has happened to you that you get drunk on a weeknight. Yeah, I know, it is stupid to get drunk on a weeknight. I usually do not even touch or sniff alcohol when I have some important work to do on the very next day or even, just to go to work. Yeah guys you are geniuses, a bunch of geniuses who have guessed it right. I swear I only intended to have one glass of wine with my dinner, thas about it. I can swear on anything about this. But yeah I almost finished the entire bottle.

Well, I am legendary for my low tolerance about alcohol, and the whole bottle is way too much for me to handle even on Friday night but it wasn’t even Friday, it was fooking Tuesday. Honestly, I did enjoy it while I was drinking it. My PITA brother (Pain in the ass) was sitting right there with me in the living room and was enjoying the moments of me getting drunk. Well, to cut things short, we had some good time while he mocked me for my stupidity and still made sure I drink the entire bottle.

Then I paid the price! I threw up after 2+ years! I think I have a very good digestive system. Last time when it has happened to me, it was in January 2003 and now it happened on Feb 1st 2005. Anyway, I am not done yet. So, yeah I felt horrible after that, moreover I felt like some 80+ years old who has no control over his body and whose every single part of body is aching. So I went to bed around 2AM and hoped that I will wake up on time for work.

I woke up on time, but was feeling miserable and kind of sick, but still took shower and used about half the bottle of cologne to get rid of any stinky leftover smell and went to work. I entered in the building with a feeling that I am not going to make it through the day but I wanted to be brave and give it my best shot. As soon as I entered, S@@@@ saw me and said, what happened? And THAT WAS IT. She was the first but definitely not the last person who I told that “I hate my life” (This is my pet sentence when I whine). I made sure everyone knows that the prince is having a bad day and I whined and whined and whined. Then T$$$, who I haven’t spoken to yet, saw me around 1 pm and said to me, Sukrit, I already heard that you are having a bad day and being a WHINER so do not say anything to me and blah blah. She also asked me what they say in India when you are having a bad day, because according to her “I hate my life” is way too strong word/sentence to describe just one bad day. But anyway, I felt like I have been listened and loved and something like that. At least I was satisfied.

Then I got home around 5:00-5:15, and took a nap for a couple hours and after I awoke, I felt much better. I was almost free of any hangover or anything. But I had this craving of eating something really spicy, I have no idea why. And, last time I checked Men still can’t get pregnant. Well, moving on, so both I and my P.I.T.A. bro decided to make my favorite north Indian dish called “besan-curry”. We looked for recipes online, but couldn’t find anything. So after wasting/spending about half an hour we quit.

Although, we are not a bunch of quitters, that is so not in our genes (yeah riiite), so we called mum in India and she told us how to make it step by step. And to our surprise we had every ingredient available at home. Ok, now to conclude, we made the dish, it was delicious. We made it so good that, I swear to god, it wasn’t any different than what our mum used to make for us. So, we called her back after a few hours and told her and bragged and bragged about how great cook we are and so on …. But I can tell, my mum was so happy that her sons are happy and they cooked so well. Ya know how mothers are!

What an eventful day, wasn’t it?


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