Monday, February 07, 2005

I have been thinking lately. Am I a Democrat or am I a republican or a communist or some other shit like green, peace etc.? I am none of these I mean, duh!! I hate Republican Party even though I do stand by most of their issues but something about them is so WRONG which makes me a NON-Republican. Republicans and all other parties have such contradicting views on some issues; it makes almost next to impossible about who you can support entirely and whole heartedly.

Capital Punishment:

I support death penalty. I mean, how someone could oppose death penalty. For someone who has taken another human being’s life, raped an innocent girl/boy stole someone’s life-savings and then that someone had a heart attack and died (hypothetically speaking).
Don’t you think the persons responsible for above stated crimes deserve death? If you ask me, I think these people deserve more than just a peaceful death. I mean, again, I wouldn’t like to see these low-lives to have a calm and peaceful life in a prison, where they have all the privileges to read the newspapers & books watch TV, do physical exercises etc. All these people deserve DEATH. Again, not a peaceful one. I would like them to be tortured for what they did. Their fingers should be chopped, like one finger each day or one each week or something along those lines. And when all 20 fingers are gone, they can be shot and later buried/cremated/fed to hawks according to their “faith” (which I wonder what it would be).
So, yeah, I support death penalty.

Now do not give me the crap of what if that person is wrongfully convicted. I totally am up for a 100% fair trial and in case of a slightest of doubt; I wouldn’t like capital punishment to be imposed. I would be the last person on earth who would like to see a wrong person convicted. When I say death, I mean it for the real culprit.

Points to Republican Party for supporting it: 23.2
Points to Democartic Part for opposing it: -2.98

(But yeah A person has right to live and we have no right to take away another life)

Wars on Terror:

Let me ask this to the people who are being the messiah of peace and against wars on terror. Why there shouldn’t be war on terror? There logic would be for the sake of peace. Right? Well, then where were these peace lovers when people were being killed in those countries by the dictators and semi-Nazi policy oriented people? Did they come out and participated in rallies with huge banners and signs to condemn the atrocities done to the innocent people in those countries? How many of them ever wondered about the life of a common man in these nations which are being ruled by psychopaths.

Why USA shouldn’t have attacked Afghanistan? I think all these peace lovers should have been thankful that USA didn’t NUKE that country. I think after what they did on 9-11, I wouldn’t have minded if USA would have wiped out that country from the globe.

Iraq war? Yes! The Rascal aka George W. Bush’s decision to go to war without the support of its western allies and the United Nation was WRONG. Not just wrong but it was very retarded of him to go to war all by himself and without making sure that all his allies support him on this issue. I am sure they would have supported Bush, if his strategy was right. But guys! We are talking about the retarded man who would get beaten up in jeopardy against a zoo monkey. So let’s not go there.

But, yeah, why we shouldn’t have attacked Iraq and save the innocent people from the Hawkish dictator who has been on a spree in killing his own people for years now. USA is the solo superpower and it’s the duty of a superpower to make sure world is living in peace and harmony. So any war for a good cause is appreciable, be it an Iraq war or war against Chechen rebels.

Points to Republican Party for going to the wars: 20
Points to Democartic party for opposing/supporting/whining…. Even I don’t know what their stance is: 1.5

But again, we have freedom of speech and freedom to protest. I know for the sake of attention, people would go to the extent of opposing anything (Freedom to people to make sure their views are heard, and I support that)


Why there is even a debate over this? Are we humans are unethical to this extent that we need to talk about issues like this? No one should abort a fetus, and that is the bottom line for the sake of humanity.

I understand some medical problems may deem it necessary to bring about aborting a fetus. I can deal with that. Other than that, I have gone absolutely insane on the points of personal responsibility. There are plenty of forms of birth control and we’ve all heard and understood that. I feel that in order to come to a feasible compromise, there needs to be some ‘way out there’ conclusions.

The people who are getting pregnant like every month and then getting the fetus aborted are the murderers in my opinion. I know mistakes happen so if it is a genuine mistake, I might give them option to kill the kid before he/she was even born, but COMEON. Where are our ethics? And it was your fucking mistake, not the unborn baby’s was it? We have no right to kill the unborn child. You made a mistake, now deal with it and do something to convert that mistake into something beautiful and move on.

When I say something beautiful, I mean things like toughing out a birthing process…and if you decide you can’t care for the child in your present conditions, you have options. That child would most likely be taken care of through adoption and go to a very capable family, and quickly. Or maybe by the time you have the kid, you might have a change a heart.

Yeah, sorry, I’m a softy when it comes to a pious LIFE. This shit should never happen because it “puts restrictions on the human spirit”. I know life isn’t raining rose petals and growing gum drops. On the other hand, if I give in, there becomes no sense of balance and everything spins into chaos. And besides, we all know it’s wrong.

Republican Party: 14.9
Democratic Part : - 5.5

(And yeah, it’s our body and there is no soul (another argument) as we haven’t seen it. Aborting a fetus is less inhumane than killing of millions of chickens, cows and fishes everyday. So I guess people can do whatever they want to do, as the fetus cannot stand for itself and fight. So kudos to aborters* and again it’s a free world)


Marriages!!! What is the definition of a marriage? And what exactly is a marriage?

In my opinion anyone who is not related to each other and living under one roof, sharing their life under some arrangement with the certain someone is a form of marriage. This requires commitment, compromise, understanding and respect for each other. And that is a perfect marriage in my opinion. No matter they are men, women or one man and one woman or whatever.

We have freedom to follow the religion we have faith in. We have freedom to declare ourselves Atheist. We have freedom to leave our home, our parents, our kids behind if we want to. No one can stop us for doing that. There is no law against this.

Human beings do have freedom to “legally marry “someone from opposite sex. Yeah WTF! Opposite sex? Yeah when a man can marry a woman and vice versa legally, then what is wrong in giving a legal status to the marriage between two persons of same sex, who love each other and already eternally married to each other? If a man and a woman can marry then what is making these morons to oppose a union of a same sex couple? What in the hell is so wrong about it? Nothing is being taken away from a common man by permitting gay/bi/lesbians to marry the partner of their choice. The parties, groups, religions or anyone who cannot understand this basic concept of equal right do not have any right to talk about any kind of principles. Because opposing equal rights automatically takes away their integrity.

Again, overall I do not support any form of marriage (it's just a label). I think marriages are imposed on us by the society and don’t take me wrong, I know, it used to be a very successful form to unite the society and keep the system, law and order under control. But now these days this school of marriage is such a failure. I think I would be the first person to support an overall BAN on marriages. People have made mockery of this marriage thingy.

Do I need to remind the people and so called republicans who oppose gay marriages citing morality, about the Brittany Spears Saga? What a shame, no one said even a single word about that during the elections. Where the fuck was Bush when that happened? Why didn’t he panicked and came out to say something against that. Or does his church allows people to get married for few hours get some name and fame and then get it null n void?

Why he didn’t condemn it? (OH Sex-Offenders @ Churches was something which was in news for last many years: Why George W Bush didn’t mention even once about this issue? NOT EVEN ONCE. Where were the republican flag holders when he didn’t mention that at all in his speeches?)

Let’s come back to the validity of a legal marriage. I know at least 3 couples who got married only for one reason. They figured out that after getting married they can file a joint tax return and that will save them thousands of dollar every tax year. WTF?

I know many more people personally, who got married for wrong reasons. To bluff the authorities, for money and many more reasons, some in hope that the other person will die soon and then the other one will get all the belongings (I have only seen this in movies though)
Points to Republicans: - 27.45
Points to Democrats : 2.34

Alright, now let me do some ethic check here for these MORAL republicans:

The ones, who supports Capital Punishment because they believe in “you took one's life and now you gotta pay for it”.
Then they should be the first one to support EQUAL RIGHTS. Thy should say, why not, you two who respect each other and love each other should have the same rights as everyone else? It should be like that you guys are in love, so no one should have any right to stop you two in attaining a legal married status.


Abortions! Same story. How come they are OPPOSING abortions by citing that we are pro life. WTF! Hello???? How in the hell you guys who are so mellow who are crying for an unborn child can stop TWO PEOPLE who are in love with each other in getting married?
IT’S BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING! You are not even respecting the lives of the mature human beings, and you guys wanna debate about the lives that aren’t even developed in full form?

Same shit with War and Terror. We Support wars on terror because we want the oppressed people of an ALIEN country to live freely. Isn’t that our best logic? UMMMMMM and what about the oppression of gays/bi-sexuals/lesbians/trans on our own land? Or, is it like we can oppress our people but it kills us to see the oppression of others by OTHERS. *applause*

Should I call all these people a bunch of retards or should I give them the benefit of doubt that these guys have never thought about it. I am pondering at the moment .. I know I can go on and on and on, over this topic, but I m gonna stop RIGHT HERE.

But I think I do get my answer when I think about this statement. I have read this somewhere a few years ago and I am still awed by it.

“It’s ironic to see that someone would go to a rich and frail lady and yell at her because she would be wearing a fur coat. But no one would go and say anything to a butch guy who is wearing a leather jacket!”

Can anyone explain?

To be continued .. like Gun Control, and few other issues!! :-) yah i dunno when tho!

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