Thursday, November 25, 2004

The brave George!

When a President pulls and save his own bodyguard from some hostile security personal of another non-friendly country, then he deserves applauses from all quarters. Even I, who is a stern opponent of George W. Bush is impressed by this deed of his.

I think it is very funny, that someone like me applauding the person who he despise more than anyone else in the United States? Frankly in my friend’s circle, I would be embarrassed to be known as a Bush supporter for any cause. I think I am just impressed that a president intervened and saved his bodyguard from some scuffle, which we don’t usually see happening around here.

Mister President, a bold step indeed! Not to mention I am awed, with what you did! You did earn a point from me even though I despise you. You still are one of the worst, ignorant, selfish and retarded president, this country has ever had!

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