Thursday, November 11, 2004

What a SHAME

All this fuss about the funeral of world renowned terrorist “Yasser Arafat” made me think about the humankind and what’s wrong with the people! Why this man got all the media’s attention? A former terrorist, who have killed, hundreds of innocent people, including a ten year old young girl only because she was a Jewish and a resident of the state of the Israel.

My opinion? He should have been SHOT IN HEAD looong loooong ago. How could he become the messiah of peace after all? How could people forget about what he did not so long ago when he personally shot 12 members of a family in cold blood? It’s beyond my understanding.

But I pity those who have attended his funeral with grace; I pity all those citizens of the great countries who have sent their head of states to attend the funeral of this mass murderer.

I am laughing at the human race, the race who is so irrational. We need to forgive people, I do not doubt that, but in this case, only because he renounced militancy (DID HE REALLY?), we made him GANDHI of this era? . What a shame!

I am disgusted by all this hype about his illness, being declared dead and then declaring him alive and then dead again and then again alive …. What a shame. It doesn’t stop here, there is more, like blaming Israel and saying he was poisoned by them ands so on. Where are we going with this?

I don’t know why I even bothered to write about this creature, which I am pretty sure Gods will be reluctant to keep the soul of this MURDERER even in the shoddier part of hell.

I guess I had to vent, and I did that with success. I might not have made any sense here, but at least I tried.I pay homage to all those souls, thy had to leave this earth untimely due to this militant.

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