Monday, November 15, 2004

Diwali Times

Diwali, the festival of lights, candles, firecrackers, indianz…. errrr, I meant people.

Scenario I:

Diwali in India, us being good bois, running around in our greatest of spirits, in brand new clothes, visiting our neighbors, making umpteen visits to the temple with friends, dad and friends.

Puja with family while refusing to sing along, main moorakh tu swami, instead we would say tu moorakh hum swami, (I am the ignorant one and you are our caretaker, instead we would say you are the ignorant one) fireworks, dinner, fireworks, distributing sweets to our favorite neighbors, fireworks and when we were totally exhausted, we would go to bed with a SATISFACTION, which is un-explainable.

Scenario II:

Diwali in NY, lit candles on the Diwali night, performed Puja (without reversing the prayer this time) and then watched movie/TV and then got drunk and went to bed

On the weekend, Went to temple , watched Puja being performed by the priest, had dinner, watched fireworks and then at friend’s, got drunk, played silly stooopid games, went to Casino and then went home and fell asleep.

Two total different aspects?

Time has changed, motives have changed, and spirits have changed. XACTLY, the spirits have changed!!! What does that mean? … go figure!

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