Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gossip gang at work: Present were : (Suz…, Ter… , Ch…., Di…. and ME! )

Bob Kavachick is getting divorced? . WHAT? .. .. IS HE really? .. OMG! .. noooooooo!
(This is what I heard before I joined the gossip gang at my office)

T: I saw Liz bishop (TV news anchor) and Bob (Weather guy) at Lillians (an Italian restaurant in Saratoga springs)
C: OMG, really? Just two of them?
T: Yes I was very surprised, I said hello to them and they waved at me and I could tell there is something going on, between them.
D: I heard the rumor a while ago that Bob’s marriage is on the rocks …..
C: But I always saw them as a good couple, what happened?
T: God knows, I drove past Bob’s home last night, I didn’t see anything unusual there
(umm yah like she was gonna find some signs there, like “ I’m cheating my wife” or “we are ending our courtship” … GOD .. WOMEN!!!)
C: I can’t believe it … (again referring to their breaking marriage)
S: It has been going on for a while, Ke** did mention it one day when we were at a hockey game, although I didn’t pay much attention to it
I: (in funny tune) Ladies, now I know how you folks gossip and talk about other people’s life ..
T: (SCREAMed and kindda looked annoyed) We are stating facts here, if it’s bothering you .., get back at your desk and stop being nosey!

Yup that is exactly what happened … . they went on and on and on for another 5-10 minutes while I decided to just shut up and be a mere bystander and enjoy the fact stating banter by the mighty ones at my work place.

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