Thursday, March 03, 2005

Holy Cow

I just finished reading this book called “holy cow: an Indian adventure”. Why did I pick this book? Well, a few months ago someone at the library suggested it and as I tend to not go for suggested reads, I totally ignored that suggestion. But last week, I happened to find this book in front of me, and the cover caught my attention. I picked up the book because of the unique color of the cover. Then I saw the picture of Lord Shiva on the main page wearing sunglasses and looking stunningly modern. And there I was flip flopping with the pages and instantly made up my mind to read the book.

If I say I liked this book because it didn’t do India’s bashing, wouldn’t be a lie. Although, I do not agree with the author on a lot of occasions but I still want to give her the credit for trying to project a realistic image of the different cultures, foods, people and stuff.

Anyway, yeah a good read and a very well crafted book highlighting the beauty of the varied land. It would very much feel like you are reading a fiction book, so yah go ahead and pick it up when you get chance 

Alright, I have nuttin else to talk about, so that would be it.

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