Friday, March 18, 2005

Shame on Canadian Justice System!

Ehhh.., Nothing much to write today as I am not in a good mood today. To be specific, I am a little angry. This is definitely a Black Day for Canadian Justice System. Shame on Canadian Justice System for letting the killers of 329 people walk free. Shame on the entire Sikh community for celebrating the acquittal of the mass murderers. It was indeed a black day for the humanity. Let’s just hope Gods punish these killers and I bet they will and the humanity will have a last laugh. I am being a little optimistic here, eh? Yah, that’s all I can hope for at the moment.

Shame on Bush’s administration for denying the Visa to Chief Minister Modi. And the reasons cited for the denial are rubbish. This means any nation can deny Visa to Bush by quoting the war on Iraq.

And in Cricket, stoooopid retarded BLIND Buckner once again gave Sachin OUT when the ball missed the bat by INCHES. Buckner should be fired and ICC should hire some neutral umpires, who can see and not biased.

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