Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Political Platform!

Today is the big day. I mean it is going to be a complete rout out for EVIL-licans (Republicans). I am very excited and am planning on staying up all night to view the results and watch these loosers LOSE. ONE seat I would ReALLY like democrats to snatch is NY dist.20. This thug named John Sweeney needs to go and it is about time this RED seat turns blue :-)
*keeping my fingers crossed*

Where I stand on the issues at the moment:

I support Stem Cell research
I am pro life and but I do not support making abortions ILLEGAL even though it is unethical and morally wrong to abort a fetus!
I am for stricter GUN control laws
I support EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone. (If you are not with me on this issue, I do not want you in my life)
I am totally for wars against terrorism.
I believe in capital punishment.
I support a timely pull-out of troops from IRAQ and Afghanistan(Let those fkced up people settle their disputes among themselves)
I support attacking the nations which support any form of terrorism. (even the sympathizers.
I support every move to ban and/or stop illegal immigration.


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