Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The vicious Iran!

A nuclear Iran is more dangerous than the combining the entire Muslim terrorism all over the world – from Sudan to Russia & to England to Kashmir, India. There are many powerful countries which seem to be less concerned about this major threat to humanity. Surprisingly there are many countries which don’t want to put any sanctions on Iran for its declared nuclear program. There are also a few countries which are not even favoring strict monitory sanctions on Iran if it doesn’t stop its nuclear agenda.

“The fact that the leader of a nation such as Iran can threaten the very existence of another nation, as he does towards Israel,” is a good enough reason for the world community to make sure Iran doesn’t achieve this devilish goal to attain its nuclear dreams.

I find it bizarre that world is not commenting on the recent comments made by Iran’s leader which are very provocative in nature and should be condemned by UN and every single nation. The following comment was made by Iranian leader about the state of Israel on Monday, “We will soon witness its disappearance and destruction.” For me this is a good enough reason to go in and destroy every single nuclear reactor site or even the suspected ones.

This is the time when the EU, the UN and the Arab world take necessary actions to prevent such kind of vicious dream of an evil empire.

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