Saturday, December 30, 2006


Another interesting year, full of vigor and sensations during which I was able to visit my motherland which ended my years long thrust to visit the pious Hinduland.
The year did start on wrong foot. Technically I was sick for 1/4th of the year. The first phase lasted the longest, which started on New Years Eve and ended in April sometime. It was nothing major, but one flu attack after another and at one point seemed like it is never going to stop. But it didn’t end there, I did get sick a few more times and then in India it was like salt on the wounds. Remember my bees stings, and ER experience in India?... yukkkk!
The best part about 2006 was to be able to see my childhood-school & college friends. Most of them got married and looked a little different, more or less. It was the greatest feeling to meet the ones I spent most of my life with. Old memories of playing cricket on the streets and in the front-yards, back-yards and parks all came alive. The biggest shock to me was my own house in Delhi, it looked different and for first couple days I felt that I am at someone else’s place. Things looked funnier and some things looked even beyond that. But when I entered in my room, it was still the same. There was dust all over, but most of the things were intact. My bed, my table, my chairs, my books, my magazines, my video games, my toys, my newspapers clippings … my things … and above all, it smelled like me. I am not kidding, it SMELLED LIKE ME. Even after 8 years, I could feel it. And for a moment, it was like waking up from a dream in my own room. When I was in my room, last eight years felt like a dream to me. I looked at my old belongings and was re-united with old, innocent me and the precious memories which I almost forgot about.
Before my Indian saga, my parents visited again this summer and had blast with them. During that time I ate a lot and very healthy, that is all I am going to say (besides my mother really needs some cooking lessons and I wonder why my dad didn’t chose to be a chef :-) ).
July’s trip to Argentina was amazing, and I felt liberated by getting out of the USA for once. I enjoyed every single moment in Buenos Aires and cherished every single drop of Malbec :-). August-September were followed by my trips to England and India.

I dedicate this year to my family and friends. I hope the coming year brings me more peace of mind and give me courage to fight for the causes I believe in. I am still as bold and blunt as ever, perhaps a little wiser. And on that note, I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2007.

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