Friday, January 05, 2007

"Discovery of India"

I have finally decided to read “Discovery of India” a book by India’s first Prime Minister. In past many years, I have read several books, including some fiction books but I always made sure I don’t read this book along with any from the self proclaim messiah of peace, M.K. Gandhi. The reason I had behind not reading books of Nehru and Gandhi is not just that I never believed in their philosophies. It is also due to the fact that I blame them for many problems India is still facing due to the blunders this duo made before and after the independence of India.
Anyhow, from past few months, I have been doing research about India’s real history, and it is surprising to see that, not much information about India’s glorious past is readily available. Don’t we believe that Indian civilization existed thousands of years ago? In India everyone is so proud of their ancient culture, their people, their religion, their kings and philosophers and of almost everything. But what happened? How come we don’t have any information on this? What happened to the glorious cities? Where did all the temples go? When were these grand temples turned into grand mosques? We know there were atrocities done to people by mughal regimes (Muslim invasion). Why we can’t find the information?
My quest to get the answers for these questions is making me read whatever little is written about India’s past.
I will give my reviews about “Discovery of India” after I am done reading the book. Which is going to be a while as I do have a busy life:-P

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