Thursday, January 18, 2007

Golda Meir!

There is no other woman leader in the world as great as Golda Meir. She was not only the first Prime Minister of Israel; she was issued the first ever Israeli passport after the creation of State of Israel. There is so much ga ga I can do and sing praises about her and her philosophies. But the following statement of hers’ is something which won my heart and I salute her for that.

The following picture means a thousand words and sadly it is still happening in that part of the world where sanity seems to be a never reaching theme. Because it is amazing to see how people can have little respect for human life and still sympathize with the killers of children, and innocent civilians. Ironically they support this evil cause of terrorism and won't oppose the suicide bombing of Israelites only because the killers, suicide bombers and these fkced up people belong to "their" religion.

Shame on those and shame on the philosophy which preaches this!

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Anonymous said...

It is because of so callled most peaceful religion's not so very peaceful teachings. Do I need to say more?