Monday, January 15, 2007

Research on a car!

Research on buying a new car is not easy, and especially when it is for your younger brother who has totaled two cars in as many years. I spent weeks in researching before I decided for a new 06 civic, which he didn’t take long in crashing and totaling it.
Anyway, when I was on phone with mum she suggested we should get him a better car this time, while giving all the credits to Gods that her kid survived such an accident. I actually laughed at the proposal first but then keeping in mind his track record now I myself think that “the safer the better”. When my brother and I were discussing about what kind of car would be the best choice, the first suggestion came out of his big mouth was “a Porsche”. Yeah and then it came down to a Mercedes CLK and now it is a Ford Mustang.
I actually love Mustangs and that is what I narrowed it down for him even last time when we were out doing car shopping. Honda Civic came out as a winner from nowhere and that too due to some situation which I am not going to mention here. Both I and him are not big fans of Japanese cars, actually the word “despising” them would be the right word. But after this accident that attitude is somewhat tainted now. So Civic is also in the running with other potential candidates. The other cars which we are thinking along with mustang & civic are Eclipse, Jeep Liberty and a Z4.
We are planning on making up our mind sometime this week, so if anyone has any suggestion please feel free to advice. And I will keep you guys posted with our decision. Until then “Jai Ram Ji Ki”.

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