Monday, November 13, 2006

Who is a Hindu?

I am starting this conversation about religions today. Although I respect most of the religions and philosophies, but I am not a fan of philosophies which preach violence and I have been very blunt about this fact. I am a proud Hindu and I a big fan of “Tao” also known as “Dao” faith and their very realistic philosophy. In Dao-ism everything depends on “The Way” which follows “the natural flow of things”.

While what other religion can be more liberal than Hindu-ism? Its philosophy says it all. Who is a Hindu? Let me state this little stanza which summarizes this complex and harmonic religion and its followers:

“A Hindu is one that believes in one God who incarnates, as and when he feels fit, in the shape and form he wants. God creates, sustains and destroys when time comes. Many names and forms are given to each with the love and affection of each individual devotee. Our Dharma is eternal, so is God and all the souls. It is our conviction that body dies but not the soul. The old scriptures are guide to salvation and an individual can steadily make his way back to God in the speed and path selected. Karma (deeds) and results of Karma are the basis of our lives. Knowing that good karma will bring good results and vice versa, our lives can be guided towards fruition of Salvation termed as Moksha. Guru plays a very important part in molding our lives and whilst the Holy book Gita can be accepted as Guru so can the word of a saint. A Hindu may or may not agree to some of the points above but he will willingly give his fellow human the right to practice religion as and how the other sees fit.” ( )

After reading this, the hope for peace in the world looks achievable. It would be so much easy and rational if we just “believe in whatever we believe and let others believe in whatever they believe”
One other question I would like to ask to all the sane people of the world. “Do you think God/s care if we worship him/her/them/it in a certain manner or with a specific name? - and that too if he/she/it/them exist!” – I don’t think so!

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AM I A HINDU? said...

Who is a Hindu?

Anyone who search after truth is a Hindu.


The very first book of Hindus named RIG-VEDA proclaim, EKAM SAT, VIPRAH BAHUDHA VADANTI (There is only one truth, only men describe it in different ways).

So a Jew or a Christian or a Moslem who is in search after truth is automatically a Hindu.