Friday, August 20, 2004

Although I am on the recovery mode but I refuse to fry my brain and come up with something productive. So here is another entry from my last year's LJ. .. .. cherish it :-)

Aug. 23rd, 2003 09:48

Since Tuesday, Upali was staying at my place with her friend who was visiting her from London. We chilled and had very good time and there is lot I can talk about those 4 days but I won't as it is not why I am sitting here on a Saturday morning and write about.

But For all of you who were wondering where I was since Tuesday, the answer is I was entertaining my best friend :-) Ok, here is the biggie, yesterday when Upali left I got my Car towed to the mechanic in Schenectady. Hmmm, for you who do not know, it broke down, or kindda broke down on me on Friday evening so I got it towed and the mechanic laughed at me and said i could have fixed it by myself because he couldn't find anything wrong in that. But I swear to holy god and GODS, that the car started making FUNNY noice on my way back from work/school... .... haha yeah well lets not go there ... I am illetrate when it comes about cars.

Later at evening, I went to mall with Olga and Chris, and got this awesome designer shirt :-D Alright people, now HOLD YOUR BREATH, All of you guys who know me well enough, must know about my love for dogs and how bad I always wanted a siberian husky or a shepard. Alright we went in the store and there it was this dog, Alaskan Malamute. I saw it and it looked same as the Husky but cuz sign said malamute I didnt even bother to take a look at it. Well after 10 minutes of looking at other dogs I decided to take a final look at this malamute ... and there we were in that small cabin with that puppy, olga and me :-)

You won't believe it, that puppy was magical, she instantly fell in love with me, well vice versa I should say. She was so adorable and beautiful beyond my imagination. Very quiet and very friendly and gorgeous. Anyway, we put that 2 m/o dog on hold and came home to do a little bit of research on that breed and what kind of Dogs they are etc etc. Omg, more I read about that Dog, the better i felt and more I wanted to have this dog. But then, Kevin and Kranthi kindda brought up the issue of making sure if landlord is okay with it.

YEAH!!!!! And I made kranthi call my landlord around 12 midnight and to ask about the pet policies. And the response she god from the landlord was NO PETS!!!! .. I dunno what to do know, I kindda adopted this pup as my first Child and I even gave her the name .. ... and all my dreams are shattered now. I am heart-broken.... and still thinking about some loophole to get this puppy!! But I swear to God, in my entire life, I have never felt this helpless.. .... ...

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George Forgan-Smith said...

LOL, but isn't life always like that. BTW I have been trying to find a good alaskan malamute breed do you have any ideas? Nancy