Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I am so going to start writing again (i just spelled righting and then corrected it ... God english sucks! .. well! maybe it's me, but whatever .. .. moving on). I think writing is a very essential part of one's life, and this is the only way one can express feelings and be honest to himself. WHOM I AM KIDDING. i AM WRITING ALL THIS to impress the prospective readers ... well this is the truth .. isn't it? .. ughh now after thinking over I think I am wrong, that is not why i m writing. I am writing just because I want to write something and fill this blank BOX and have something here in my LJ/Blogger or wherever it ends up at.

Anyway, last night's thunderstorms are worth mentioning here. It was so bright out and I and Diane, were sitting at reference desk chit chatting and stuff. And there was a loud THUNDER. I looked outside and the evening turned into NIGHT instantly. It was not even 7 pm and I was like WHOA, IT IS SO NOT HAPPENING . And let me tell you, it was the best scene of nature I had ever seen. Lightening, pouring rain, thunders and WIND. I was excited, happy and inside me THE REAL SUKRIT SINGH was dancing with joy.

Alright, I am ending this post of mine like a typical hollywood suspence movie, where you are watching a great movie and admiring every part/scene of it and stuffing popcorn trying to get fat and blah blah .. and next thing you see on screen is "THE END" ... you are like WTF ?????????

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