Thursday, August 12, 2004

This blogger crap is addictive, or maybe I am going through a phase of my life where I seek attention one way or another. I think it is kind of true, I am an attention seeker, fame lover and blah blah .. and this is a well known fact and if you are good enough to reach here at my blogger, you might as well know that fact already.

Yesterday, was the funny day (kindda). Jeremy stopped at work and wanted to DRAG me to the gym with him. Oh, I have to tell this .. this selfish little man convinced me to enroll at this crappy gym he goes to only because he needed a GYM BUDDY. Even though I don't personally like this gym A BIT, I took the membership for the exact same reason .. yeah if you havent guessed, it is because of this "gym buddy thingy" .. i needed one too!!!!!

Ok, so he asked me if I want to go to gym later tonight, and i was like hell NO. I was having a really really LOOONG day at work, actually one of the longest I have ever had at my work. So I refused to accompany him as I was waiting for clock to turn 4:45 and RUN to MY BED to get my sleep.

So, reached home around 5, went straight to the bed room, took off my shoes there AND jumped in my bed and FELL ASLEEP INSTANTLY. I know I know .. all of you who know me that well must be wondering that THIS guy who is totally ANTI-nappings during the summer was himself taking the nap. Well THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO EVERYTHING .. OKAY?????

Anyway, let me skip what happened during (5PM-5AM) {. . . . . fast forwarding . . . . . } Went to bed around 6 am and woke up this morning at 8, picked up the phone to call in at work but realized that I am fully awake and not tired at all ... so got ready & LEFT FOR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: I, promise this is teh last time you will see me explaining my daily chores here on the blog. I will try to be productive (YEAH RIGHT).. well i said I WILL TRY.

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