Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Ramnavami

Lets celebrate the birth day of the Lord who lived his life for others, its pupils. Since my childhood days I see Lord Rama as a motherly God, someone who I always can rely upon and also can demand anything from without even thinking twice. I have always been his favorite child and I am sure I will always be. So don’t even think about stealing him from mighty moi :-P

Lets talk about the Lord for a bit. He is the one who set the ideals for the people: Lord Rama set an example through each and every action of his. He explained how an embodied soul can attain “Final Liberation” by acting in the righteous ways. “He set an example of a Divine Kingdom for the people: When Righteousness (Dharma) manifested in the gross, Unrighteousness (Adharma) also manifested in the gross. Many embodied souls started troubling Sages, Saints and others who acted in accordance with the scriptures. During that time Lord Rama protected the Sages and set an example through His own deeds for all kings as to how a Divine Kingdom should be. Lord Rama is an ideal of how selfless, free from desire and impartial a King can be!”[1]

Above all, lord Rama displays emotions of happiness & unhappiness just like humans do. (His melancholy at Sita’s abduction is an example.) Hence, we feel closer to Him than we feel towards other Gods.[2]

Lets celebrate the day in his glory and may lord brings happiness and joy to all of you on this pious day to forever and ever and ever – Jai Ram Ji Ki.

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