Monday, March 05, 2007

Why we need Dennis Kucinich?

“Remember that kid in high school who ran for class president, the one who wasn't popular, who didn't have money or dress well or even make a decent hallway poster? Now imagine if he sticks to it so long he starts to win. And by the time he's 23, he's a city councilman in Cleveland. At 31, he's the country's youngest big city mayor. All this success, you figure, would make his skin glow a little, his suits a bit spiffier, his speeches a little punchier. But what if he was so damn earnest that it didn't? What if at 60 he still looked and sounded like Dennis Kucinich?” [1]

Now that would be one heck of a guy, and that’s who Dennis Kucinich is. This guy knows what the right things to do are and what issues his conscience allows him to stand for without worrying about the fact that his opponents can use that platform of his to hammer him. Clinton and Obama do not stand anywhere near him when it comes to supporting the issues they believe in. Don’t take me wrong, I admire Hillary Clinton, and I do want to see her as the United State’s president. But that is because I am thinking like an average American (an Indian in my case) perspective, where we only talk about flamboyant candidates and since media has given certain candidates so much coverage that thinking about any other candidate would be considered some kind of wrongdoing or something.

Let’s see, why I want to see this man in the higher office. I think he reminds me of a great Indian politician L.K. Advani. They both have something in common, and that is standing by the issues which are near and dear to them. They stick to their issues, not because they believe supporting certain issues will make them elect able in office, but because they both believe in being truthful and stating the facts “as is” without trying to make them look good or because of some popular public demand due to media hype.

People everywhere are so used to double speak and that is why they do not understand the candidates who don’t speak doublespeak. I think it is time we fix this problem. Lets start it from here and Vote for Dennis Kucinich in every single democratic primary and show everyone that we stand for honesty and we stand with people who have ideals.

[1] Stein, Joel. "The Kucinich Conundrum." Time 02 Mar 2007 05 Mar 2007 .

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