Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sunday's Oscar saga!

Well, since my math quizzes and exams back in 80s and 90s I have never done this bad in any of the tests in my life. I got 7 right and 17 oscar picks wrong. I still did better than Dina though, she got ONLY 6 of her response correct and her IQ is around 160... (Another proof that IQs are overrated and IQ tests shud be banned).
Right after the boiz Buster and Baily gave me the warmest ever welcome by jumping over me and licking my face all over, Kelly Boi said this group is one of the most sensitive and most non-judgmental and definitely not a nit-picky bunch that one could ever meet in ones life. Even though I knew almost everyone in that room, but Kelly boi took the pride in introducing me to everyone anyway. While I was bonding again with my boiz , this non judgmental group of 3 Kellys and few others started to keep up with the annual rituals. Some comments were way beyond previous years ones. Like Suzanne's mother in law something, Kelly girl 1's dad or something and many other something with other things and something …… After Richard got the first Oscar pick right, he got some vintage candle holder as the prize, and there we go again, Kelly2 looked at Suzanne and screamed, THAT WAS the gift I re-gifted you … whoa!! Well thas how the night started and it ended after midnight when the award of best picture went to "The Departed". I ended up winning a *Bar Master* and now my dream of becoming a bartender is finally gonna come true.

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