Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Women & Harem!

I entered in the building a little after this afternoon, and while I was going towards my desk, I heard Terry calling me and saying, “hey Sukrit where are our Valentines Day candies?” I was taken aback by that for a moment, and in that millisecond I honestly felt guilty for not bringing candies or chocolates for my favorite staff which includes her of course.
She was quite loud in telling me that and that is the reason Phyllis and many others heard that comment. Phyllis is another one who loves me and to prove that eternal love bakes the poor soul, aka me, cookies once in a while. After hearing Terry’s comment, she said, “Sukrit, are they giving you hard time up here”. Before I could even say something, Terry replied, “noooo, we never give him hard time, we love him” and then she added, “we are his women”.
Phyllis was speechless, so was I.
While two of us were looking at each other and perhaps trying to decipher that comment in our minds, another one speaks up, and said, “yes and this is his harem!!”
Phyllis and I were beyond speechless!!!

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