Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Flying dream!

What do you think about my idea of start taking flying lessons and have a Pilot license? Yep, I am contemplating that.
I remember those good old days right after I graduated from high school in India when I was despising the fact of going to college to continue my education. Education at that time seemed so boring and I wanted to do something interesting and not so unexciting with my life. That is when; I decided to visit Delhi Flying Club at Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi. When I first rode my bike there, all by myself, the small building and small planes looked so surreal, I was already completely sold and right there at that very moment I decided that, this is what I want to do. I met with an advisor over there who was very pleasant and very supportive and also very realistic. He gave me a catalog and explained some pros and cons of the course and the school itself and its future prospects. His major concern at that time seemed to be my finances. He started telling me about the cost of the program which I didn’t even bother to listen because everything looked so great and I have already sold my soul to the program. Besides I have already started dreaming of becoming a Pilot and flying planes all over the globe.
That evening when I came back home, I told my mother and she kind of gave me a silent treatment over this. Even though I got a cold shoulder from her, that didn’t put even a slightest dent on my dreams; it was my dad who later crushed my dreams of becoming a pilot and flying all over the globe. Yeah, he said NO. So like a good boy I let that dream of mine go and I settled with going to college for nothing.
But till this date, I admire Air Planes so very much and kind of get excited whenever or wherever I see them. I absolutely believe that, this is the greatest invention and ultimate achievement of the human race of all times. During all these years, I always knew I am going to fly one day. I believe, now it is the time when I can work on it and turn this dream into a reality. Tom, a friend of mine is a pilot and I had a casual chat with him about flying schools here in NY few months ago. Now I only need to do a little more research and put my acts together and just go for it. Seems like, that day is not very far when I will be flying this wonderful piece of metal in the skies.

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