Friday, February 23, 2007

Fantasy land!

Somewhere out there, there is a fantasy land and I think that fantasy land is way beautiful actually way bautifulLER than the prettiest cities of the world where whatever you have dreamt for all these years will come true. Over there, if you need anything, all you hafta do iz to think about what you need and it will appear in front of you, just like that.

Now just imagine, if I am there, what I would be dealing with. It will certainly have a small island in front of my apt. where I wud go every evening with the fishes, dogs, cats tigers and my few other pets. Oh! and the fishes will walk and all my pets will be talking to each other and playing with each other while I would be keeping eye on them just like a good old grandmother …errrrr, aight nah, that came out wrong. I will be like their guardian, big brother? Mebbbe father? Or I will be just me being me drinking booze and getting (BEEP) ha ha

Aight, that is the one thing. Other things about this fantasy land would be that everyone I know and like could be summoned there on my will. Ha ha ha yup! Boi, that is gonna be so much fun and will certainly tire my favorite ppl , and few other beautiful ppl cuz I wud be summoning then quite a few times in a day. Well, if they wanna be relieved from this summoning, they will have the option to move to this fantasy land of mine and live happily ever after like in fairy tales. Then they can also have this power of summoning and they can summon whoever they want to. That is gonna be awesome, with all that summoning powers no one is gonna miss anyone ever. Hurrraaayyyy. Besides I will summon Krishna with his flute and make him play the flute and dance in front of me ha ha ..that wud be so evil to do, but he is gonna be my assistant so I am sure he wudnt mind besides its about time he makes himself a little useful and entertain me he he.. lately it does seems like he has been sleeping and getting fat or something, so we need to change that.

Moving on to the next thing and that iz work. There won’t be any work to do, just good and beautiful thoughts. Whatever one desires, one would be getting that without making any efforts so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful life. Sleep whenever one wants and fly whenver one desires and all other awesome stuff …..The smell of this land is going be just like roses. Then, there wont be any need for incenses or candles or potpourri or whatever other kind of fragrances are available at the super markets. Food, my my my .. aight, no cooking would be allowed in the fantasy land, cuz cooking sukz .. anyway if someone wishes to cook for whatever reason they can do so … but there will be abundance of foooood. My favorite Thai food, Indian food, Italian food more Indian food and more Indian food and again more Indian food and more… .. hehe.

Lets name this fantasy land --- I am outta ideas on that one , any suggestion?

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