Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Movie review - Walk on Water!

Since I watched the movie “Crash” last year, I haven't come across any other great movie. That got changed this weekend when I saw “Walk on Water”. If you have not seen it, go, run and grab this movie ASAP and watch it. I highly recommend this beautiful movie to all my people. After watching this movie, for hours I was in the movie mode. And that is very unusual for me. Usually when I watch a movie, I laugh out loud and annoy the heck out of my friends and when the movie is finished I forget about it. By the way, if you don’t know it, I laugh during the sad movies as well, don’t ask why, but I do. I never watch movies alone, and when I have some company my major goal is to cherish the company and one certainly can’t enjoy a movie when someone is sobbing around you, at least not me. So I think I try my best to not let these “sobers” get deep into sadistic mode and ruin the fun. Anyway, don’t forget to watch this movie and give me your feedback.
*Luv to all*

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