Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Saturday's Two whales, Speed & Reno 911 saga!

Usually, I get up after my alarm goes off but these days many a times I am getting up when I hear the sound of two whales mating. Around 6:30 I woke up with the screeching noises from the apt. upstairs * screech- squeak –screech- squeak – on & on .... who wants to hear any such thing? If added together those two fatties are over 1000 lbs. Now it would be a different story if the couple were good looking, sexy and hot, then I prolly wudnt mind this much. (I think). But, one of these days I m gonna go upstairs and tell them to either get a strong bed or have sex on the floor or mebbe just abstain, cuz I have no intentions in sleeping with my ear plugs on or waking up to the sounds of their intimate moments… or perhaps I will just move my bed to the other room.
So yeah I got up and got ready and packed my stuff including my much needed craptop for that day and left for the chamber of commerce. In the parking lot Carey was sitting in his car waiting for someone or me to get there. When I got out of my car, he screamed do you have the "Kode"?... I thought in my mind "Yes I have the code and you should have it too", I nodded and we were inside the building a moment later. There I was setting up my computer and other stuff and was all excited about the fact that I am an hour early and now will have time to go over some material and will also have some time to chillax. BUT (There is always an IF or a BUT when everything is working just great) there I realized I didn't bring my power cord & adapter. That threw me off. My crap-top has no battery life, without the power cord, I can't even turn it on. So my options were to either go home and get it or just not present and leave it on others to do my job, but I decided to go back home. At times I caught myself doing 110, but usually I was a little under 100 on Northway, (They can’t technically put me in jail if I am not speeding over 100 mph), so that was fun! I was back in less than 2 hours and that too in one piece. Oh! and I didn't even have to make the presentation after all that. That was just perfect, now only if I would have known this earlier.
At 4 in the evening, after that entire saga, I decided to go to Matt's and help him with the dinner he was making for couple of us. So I got there in no time to help him prepare dinner. While Matt prepared the food, I drank wine and watched 80s music videos, that was my help to him in cooking dinner. Over there he told me that cooking food is a great stress reliever and I should learn something from him .. I was like ooookayyyyyy, woteva dood. I was drunk before even Nick and Jon arrived. After we had dinner, the gang decided to go watch " Reno 911", a movie which if you haven't seen yet, please do not bother. We almost splitted* before the movies though, cuz both Matt and I rebelled and refused to watch this movie as there were many better options at the theater but we gave in as Jonathan would not budge. The theater was packed, that was a big turn off but we were able to find 4 seats together in some row where I would not usually sit. Anyway, during the movie, few people behind us, who I think were in there 40s laughed at the gay character and one of them said *ughh look at the fairy*. I looked at Matt, he looked at me, and we put our my arms across each other shoulders and we watched the rest of the movie just like that, without ever being interrupted by any other derogatory comment from the back row.
After the movie, we joined Rita, Ken and others at Fuze Box and danced the night away over the 80s music. Over there Scott & Will asked if Rita was my Indian bride, I said yes she is Indian & mail ordered. When Rita asked what were we talking about, I simply told her that Scott said she is beautiful. After hearing that she was all pleased.

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