Saturday, February 17, 2007

Black & White!

Kevin, a friend of mine once told me sometime last year, that I am usually very harsh with my opinions, and that too with almost everything, be it some critiques, reviews, political stance or rather life in general. That literally meant I see things black and white. He judged me after knowing me for less than a year.

When I watch a movie, I either absolutely love it or hate it! – This is actually what made me thing about this “Black & White” theme which was brought to my attention a few months ago. When it comes to political parties, I am either a staunch supporter or a fierce opponent. Be it the Republican Party or the Democratic Party here in the states or the Indian National Congress or the BJP back in India. I can add so much here to make this list long, but I guess, this is enough for the moment.

I agree with Kevin or not is another story but my actions firmly support his views. When, I think about it, his analogy is kind of right about me. I am very outspoken, and don’t feel shy in citing my opinions even if I know it is not going to please the listeners. Moreover, I say things “as it is” and that too without trying to be diplomatic. It is definitely not a good thing and certainly not a good idea to deal with the world and life (so they say) . But if that is who I am and what I am, should I try to change it? Wouldn’t this mean that I am trying to be something or someone who I am not?

But then, if I look at this from a different angle, then I come to a different conclusion. Life is a journey where we learn new things almost at every step. We also try to make amends, try to undo the mistakes we have done in the past by correcting over selves and by learning from life, as we are supposedly becoming wiser by time. Isn’t that the same idea behind going to school and learning from it? So I think, it won’t be a bad idea if I work on making my life colorful and get out of just these two shades and in addition acknowledge it.

I also know that many times I don’t just see things in grey; I see them in colors – multiple shades. I know I do. Do I admit this fact in front of everybody is another story. Perhaps I should try not to be very harsh with my opinions and say things as I mean them but in a better way, but without compromising with my beliefs & values although do it tactfully.

Now after saying all that, there are times, when seeing black and white is the only option. And, I am not going to try and explain when and under what circumstances the things should be seen only in black and white. But let me cite one example, and that would be true and false questions .. ha ha ha – bite me!

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