Monday, February 12, 2007

My Dream Machine!

Too much talk about cars lately made me take it one step further. It is once again the time when I fill the spot of my “dream machine” which has been lying vacant for more than a year now. So here I am officially declaring my new dream machine, again with pride and mischief. And who wants to guess what it is? Yeah you can try and of course might guess is right. But the point is, this time I am aiming for so high, it is not even practically possible to achieve this dream of mine in near future. But again, hey, a man got to do what he needs to do or maybe wants to do. And when it comes to me, I m a notorious dreamer, usually very practical though but I do like to dream for achievable materialistic things. The car is a Ferrari Spider. Actually, a Red Ferrari Spider. This is such a gorgeous car and even though I have never driven it, I think I am in love with it. I did touch it once in my life time, and that was last year when a yellow beauty was parked in front of Argentine consulate in NYC. Boy, I didn’t miss the chance to touch it. I actually smothered it. I even wanted to lick it, which I would have if it wasn’t parked in public and also if I didn’t have a friend with me. Hence, I kind of kept my emotions in control and settled with just touching it. Pretty soon I am going to test drive this car. I might just want to steal the car at that time but we will see how that goes. *wink*

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