Friday, February 09, 2007

Missing me!

This is the email I recieved this morning from someone very special.(someone, whose identity I am not gonna make public ha ha ha ... cuz then that would be so unfair to this person .. rather humilating ha ha). Although this is written in fun so don't get any ideas. .. Here it comes .....


I want you to think about what life would be like without me for a whooooole year.Now think about how sad,lonely,and depressed you would be!!!Just think about it,cuz if it turns out I have to go to ACC just for a year,then you could stay here just for a year and see me cuz you love me so much.And then,we can go to NYC as planned and you will realize(well you already know how wonderful I am)how wonderful I am,and we will get to hang out allllll the time,and you will be sooooo happy I'm sure.
OH,and did I mention that if you leave me here I will be SOOOO sad.I mean really sad.I will be dehydrated cuz I would have been crying every day cuz I didn't get to see you.Omg,it would be awful,awful,awful.I already miss you when I don't get to see you Friday....and Saturday....oh and Sunday...and now I sound like a stalker.But just so you know,honestly,life without you would be awful.I mean it too.Now you don't have to stay here,and I'm quite sure that if you really and truly don't want to wait for me you would tell me-seeing as you're bold,blunt and beautiful...sorry you've changed it to handsome now haven't you?-but I'm hoping you will at least THINK about waiting for a while,and then we can both go to NYC and have sooooo much fun.
And I just want to remind you how much I loooooove you,and how sad I would be without you and I don't want you to leave me here.Please please please,don't leave me here.Just picture us in NYC a year from now and think of how much you love me.At least think about it anyways.You don't have to say yes,you will wait for me,(although you know how awesome that would be??:-))but just think of it.And then hopefully you will be able to tell me yes or no.Yes is the better answer by the way.No pressure or anything though.And don't hate me for begging.I don't beg very often.I think it's pathetic generally,but I'll have you know that you are the first person I have begged for anything in a looooong time.The last time I REALLY begged was when I was 4,and wanted my mother to buy me a unicorn.I didn't understand why I couldn't have one,and thought she was evil for not getting me one.Must be I still think YOU can build me a unicorn.;-)
So yes,me begging is rare.And I will beg more if it works.Unless the begging freaks you out,in which case I'll stop.
Anyways,I'm off now darling dearest.But think loooong and hard.And then tell me what you have thought.:-)I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever....:-)


Anonymous said...

This Email followed later - - HA HA
Now,imagine my surprise when I found I had 2 emails from you today.I was touched really.I mean the fact that you just couldn't help yourself,and love me enough to write me 2 in one day was touching.
But then,I noticed you said you were going to put my email on your blog!!!!And you giggled menacingly.So,I looked,and you did put it on your blog!!!I am on your blog!!!That is almost blackmailing I'll have you know!At least you didn't actually say who it was,but now I am never putting my name in one of your emails ever again.From now on I will just be the nameless one who happens to be your favorite(ok fine second favorite since YOU are your first favorite)person in the whole world.
OH,yeah,the calling me a very special person helped....but then I wondered if you meant special as in oh so dear to your heart,or special as in stop seeing things that aren't really there.I choose to think it's the first option.
One more thing before I leave you though.If I were you,I would run away and hide tonight.Cuz I plan on coming to kill you in your sleep.Sweet dreams!!!;-)
*Me*(aka the nameless one)
P.s. I'm ashamed to say that as mortifying as this was.It was actually rather funny.Yes,I thought it was funny!God,you're evil.I even still love you.:-)

Shaan said...

awwwww, I was only kidding and i put it up there just for fun. don't worry i m gonna take that off from my blog .. hehe ..okay?


Anonymous said...

Aw,I stilll love you.:-)It's not a big deal really.PLus every time you look at it you can think of me and my amazingness.;-)I'll love you even if you leave it there for all eternity.