Thursday, February 22, 2007


Life is good and we live it once, so live it fully and live it happy :-)
Everything comes around, so do good times, so stay happy :-)
Keep everyone around you happy :-)
Never fall for “practical world” trap of any kind. So, live life ideally and that is happy :-)
No place for diplomacy in ones life. Now that contradicts one of my earlier posts. So let me elaborate on that one. If something is good, say it and keep everyone around you happy but if something isn’t good, just forget and and that will keep everyone happy :-)
I wanna live happy :-)
I wanna see everything & everyone around me happy :-)
I wanna die happy :-) (Which would be another 200 years)
And I want to get cremated the day I die, that would make my beautiful soul happy :-)
So, fellas lets party and be happy :-)
... ... ha ha I am such an Idiot, but I am very happy :-)

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